We would like to welcome you to The Arts at Ashland Elementary School.  We are excited that you are one of our students and one of our parents!  It is our hope that the following information will help you understand how our school operates and provide a smooth transition into the school year.

School Hours
7:15 Doors Open to Students
7:15 Breakfast
7:35 First Bell to Go to class
7:45 Classes Begin
2:35 School Day Ends

in the office.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Visitors must sign in every time they enter the building .

Picking Up Your Child
If you are picking up your child at dismissal time, please wait outside of the building.  We must have a written note if there is a change in your child’s transportation.   No change in transportation will be permitted unless we have a written note from the parent.  A telephone call will NOT be accepted.  During the school day, you must come into the office to sign your child out.  Children are only released from class when called from the office.

Attendance Policy
Attendance at school is essential for good performance and high achievement.  A written excuse, dated and signed by the parent is required for all absences.   Excused absences include illness, death of an immediate family member, religious holidays for which prior approval is given, medical and dental appointments, and special cases approved by the principal.  Children are tardy if they arrive after 8:00 a.m. and must obtain a tardy slip from the office.

All medication to be given at school must be in the original prescription bottle, clearly labeled with the student’s name and instructions, as well as the name of the medication.  Before any medication can be administered, a written authorization must be signed in the office.

Meal Prices & Cafeteria Procedures

BREAKFAST Paid $1.35
                 Reduced $0.30
                 Adults $1.75
LUNCH Paid $2.00
              Reduced $0.40
                Adults $3.50


 **Meal prices are subject to change  

Breakfast will be served each day.  Lunch may be paid for daily or weekly.  Students without lunch money will be offered an item to sustain them for the day.  You are invited to join your child for lunch at any time.  Please be sure to sign in at the office.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the class and it builds your child’s self-confidence.  Lunch assistance forms may be completed and returned to the office.  All information must be filled out or it will be returned to you. 

Lunch Schedule
Brunn 12:30-12:55 2
Givan 12:35-1:00 4
Williams 12:40-1:05 6
Ingram 12:05-12:30 4
Plumlee 12:10-12:35 6
Wallace 12:15-12:40 1
Vereen 12:20-12:45 3
Laborio 12:25-12:50 5
SBrown  11:40-12:05 6
Sawyer 11:45-12:10 1
Smith 11:50-12:15 3
TBrown 11:55-12:20 5
Webb 12:00-12:25 2
Myers 11:15-11:40 1
Givens 11:20-11:45 3
McKay 11:25-11:50 5
Randall 11:30-11:55 2
Niehaus 11:35-12:00 4


Health & Physical Education
Physical education is a requirement in the elementary school curriculum in Kentucky .  At Ashland, each student is scheduled for health once a week for thirty minutes, and for physical education once a week for sixty minutes.  In order to make physical education a safe and pleasant experience for your child, your cooperation is needed concerning the following physical education requirements:  

1.  All students must wear tennis shoes.  
2.  A note must accompany a child who cannot participate due to illness or injury.  
3.  A doctor’s statement is required if a child cannot participate for more than a week.
4.  Students excused from participation must attend and observe instruction.

Media Center

The library is open for students to check out books from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.    Students are scheduled for library with their class once a week for one hour.  Books are checked out one at a time for one week. A list of overdue books is sent to classroom teachers.  Lost books must be paid for in full before a student can check out another book.  The librarian, in conjunction with our classroom teachers, sponsors various special activities and programs.  Please stop by the library to find out more about our activities and encourage your child to read!! READ!! READ!!!

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