Internet Safety

Due to the Broadband Data Communication Act and Fayette County Public Schools board policy, 08.2323, internet safety and digital citizenship must be taught to all FCPS students in grades K-12. This site serves as a resource for Internet Safety Coordinators on the school level. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Paula Setser-Kissick.


Responsibilities of Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship Coordinators:
  • Make students' digital safety a priority for both you and your staff.
  • Attend district training each year -- either beginning or refresher.
  • Share all district information with your principal.
  • Mark the deadline for completing all instruction on your calendar (always in December).
  • Compile age-appropriate lessons, etc. for delivering the content. (Note: FCPS purchases iSafe where you can access its curriculum. However, you may use any combination of resources as long as the topics are covered with students.)
  • Submit FCPS School Internet Safety Instructional Plan with the district by the due date.
  • Complete your iSafe training, if you are a new coordinator, and submit your certificate to the district person in charge of Internet Safety.
  • Check periodically with staff members in your building who are also responsible for teaching lessons and make sure the instruction is being delivered.
  • Understand that ALL responsibility on the school level for following federal law and board policy ultimately falls on you and the principal.



Submit your school's Internet Safety Instructional Plan below. There are two parts: